Welcome to Regal Radio – Your new Online Community Radio Station!

What is Regal Radio?

Regal Radio is an exciting new community based internet radio station which is currently being set up and will be broadcasting from the Regal Community Theatre in Bathgate.

Regal Radio is run by volunteers from the local community who will be producing regular programmes featuring a mixture of music, local news and views and of course what’s going on in The Regal.

How can I listen to Regal Radio?

Regal Radio is currently in the process of securing access to our new studios within the Regal Theatre. We will initially be broadcasting Podcasts which will be available on this website to download to listen on your computer or mobile device. We will eventually be able to broadcast live online to a schedule once we have more resources and presenters.

How can I help Regal Radio?

Regal Radio is very much in its infancy. We have already set up a skilled management team and have some prospective presenters. If you have skills in broadcasting or would like to be a presenter please get in contact with us. Full training will be provided.

Just as importantly we would like to hear what you want to hear on your community radio station.

How can I contact Regal Radio?

You can contact us via any of the social media links below or email us at info@regalradio.co.uk